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18 Again

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18 Again

$280 per person


Indulge yourself into the exquisite first class spa in Korea


Taste Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) – one of the most popular healthy nutritious dish among local residents n


Get consulted on PLASTIC SURGERY by the best surgeons in South Korea. Forget about agencies to connect you, you will get comprehensively consulted with us right in the melting pot of this industry. Nothing will be hidden from you, it is in the end your choice!!


Buy the most valuable gift for your beloved ones – Ginseng – the gift for health – at premium quality guarantied local retailers


We can’t be more pleased to guide you through all the shopping corners with our local expertise in Myeongdong to get the best out of the best deals!

Tour available every Thursday.



If you have ever heard of ginseng as a precious gift for health, it has more magic than that especially in beauty. With us you will be able to experience the unique spa with ginseng as the main ingredient for skincare. It’s ONE AND ONLY ginseng spa in South Korea!

From very ancient times, Korean ladies have always been raved for a fair silky skin such as porcelain. Nowadays, we can find tons of cosmetics products for our own purposes, but date back to ancient times, when people relied solely on herbal treatments, their beauty secret remained in the powerful herb – Ginseng.

Ginseng in those days was the most valuable source of health, youth and energy. It was the secret recipe behind the impressive young appearance of all ladies in upper social classes.

With The Kiki Tour, you will get pampered from tip to the toe with this in the ultimate Ginseng Spa!


Taste Samgyetang(Ginseng Chick Soup) – one of the most popular healthy nutritious and delicious dish among local residents. This meal would provide you with the best nutritional values that you can’t find substitutes for.


Recently, a boom of plastic surgery tours from all the corners around the world to South Korea has been registered. Undoubtedly, South Korea has always been popular for plastic surgery expertise, but how this industry has undergone such a prominent growth right in this particular country?

It may sound weird to you, but a number of teenagers receive a plastic surgery package as a graduation present. This practice gradually turns out to be the unconditional ticket for students to step out from the student life and start to face the harsh reality of the social pressure. South Korea with all the significant influence of K-Pop idols and K-Drama celebrities, aesthetics has never been more important in people’s lives. Many parents encourage their children to undergo surgery in efforts to gain a “competitive edge” in the job market. The impact is conquering wide around the world, especially in Asia.

Korean surgeons know the body structure of Asian folks inside out which enables them to recreate the structures of the face or the body in a very natural way, indeed looking natural is their pursuit. With all that expertise and quality and value they can provide, services at lesser cost and even for complex surgeries such as facial bone contouring and anti-aging procedures are offered.

The most common reason why customers choose Korea over America is due to the standard of beauty. In Asian culture, fair skin is often prized, large eyes, a defined nose and small chin represent the desired look.

Korea is gaining a reputation as a plastic surgery mecca, a place where doctors are highly skilled, citizens are more than willing and the technology used is top-notch.International boom is fairly recent, beginning in earnest in 2009 when the Ministry of Health first granted local clinics official permission to receive foreign patients.

The Korean medical travel industry is avidly welcoming international medical tourists with benefits and amenities like hotel hospital hybrids or multilingual round-the-clock assistance.
The prime example would be Ritz-Calton Seoul, which partnered with hospitals and spa partner Possom Prestige to create an “anti-aging beauty package” at a price of $88,000 in December 2011.

In addition to basic spa treatments such as skin care and health checkups, the package includes stem cell treatment and plastic surgery. Patients can get double eyelid surgery and face lifts at the in-house clinic and go straight to their suites to recover, without venturing into the streets looking like the loser of a bar flight.

And there is many many more information regarding plastic surgeries in Korea which we would love to share with you. That’s why The Kiki Tour has created a special workshop in this particular segment of beauty industry called: Plastic Surgery 101. Forget about over-sentimental recommendations, let’s get closer to the pure reality about plastic surgery!


Ginseng is a must-take-back gift for all your relatives in order to bless their health. We promise to guide you thoroughly to shop for high quality ginseng at the best price available in the market!


Have you ever heard of Myeongdong, the most popular shopping area in Seoul? This is exactly where we head for after the relaxation at the spa! We can’t be more pleased to guide you through all the shopping corners with our local expertise to get the best out of the best deals!

Cosmetics are the must-take-back treasure for any friends, best friends, sisters, moms or even grannies. The Kiki Tour will wholeheartedly guide you through all your “buy me this and that” duties. 😉

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    Meet at 11:45 AM, depart at 12:00 PM
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    Around 8:00 PM
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    Comfortable outfits recommended
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    18 Again
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    Air Tickets + Accommodation